Pump Magic

Pump Magic is a proven industry software solution that has been servicing Concrete Pumping Companies (Pumping Companies) since 1996. Pump Magic was designed and created by people with extensive personal experience in running and managing Pumping Companies, that's why it's no surprise that Pump Magic is easily understood, learned, and managed.

Pump Magic's primary focus is to help Pumping Companies establish maximum operational efficiency through Efficient Contact Management, Computerized Dispatching, Automated Pricing, Rapid Invoicing, Accurate Accounting, Simple Equipment Management, Advanced Quoting, and Intuitive Corporate Reporting.

If you're looking for a solution to take your business to the next level, Pump Magic is the solution that will take you there by freeing up essential human resources and assisting in the best possible equipment allocation

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Maintenance Magic

Maintenance Magic (MM) is The Solution for fleet repair tracking and maintenance scheduling for the Concrete Pumping Industry. Pump Magic has always served to track the revenue streams of businesses while a void has been present for cost center tracking within the industry. Rapid Apps Group is proud to present the first-ever maintenance tracking software designed to work along side Pump Magic.

If pumping concrete is important to you, MM is a must have. Profit levels are determined in significant part through tracking and controlling cost-centers, yet most businesses have done so with a loosely scatter piles of paper and mental tabulation. Lack of quantitative data backed by history of accurate information has created an uncertainty within profit margins.

"Guesstimations" are the thing of the past, MM and the Rapid ERP Systems is the technology of the future, let MM enhance and improve your business like never before. Leapfrog the days of ambiguity and lead the competition with the information that matter most in your business.

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